DIY Coffee Bar Ideas: How to Create a DIY Coffee Station

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas: How to Create a DIY Coffee Station

79% of Americans have coffee daily and these coffee drinkers spend more than $40 monthly at coffee shops. By creating your own DIY coffee station, you’re able to make your money routine easier, more enjoyable, AND most importantly save money.

Outside of purchasing a coffee maker, you can spend less than $100 upfront using these DIY coffee bar ideas. The best part is this tutorial works for a small space as well as larger spaces. 

​Let’s get started!

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas: How to Create a DIY Coffee Station

Step 1: Find the perfect location

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas: How to Create a DIY Coffee Station

When selecting the location for your own coffee bar, consider both function and aesthetics. You want a space that is convenient for making and serving coffee, but also visually appealing. A kitchen counter or a dedicated space in your dining room or living room can work well for a cute coffee bar. If you’re really tight on space you could even consider a coffee bar cart in the perfect spot.

Step 2: Purchase supplies

Assuming you already have a coffee machine and coffee mugs (if you don’t you can probably find a good deal at the thrift store), you can plan to spend about $100 on the coffee essentials that you’ll need for your DIY coffee station. I recommend the following items:

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas: How to Create a DIY Coffee Station
  • Glass Jar Set: This is where you’ll store your sugar, cream, and coffee. If you have a mason jar set already that will work fine.
  • Coffee: You can opt for coffee pods, ground coffee, or even coffee beans. Just get whatever you prefer to make your perfect cup of coffee.
  • Coffee Stirrers: These can be purchased in bulk for about $5.
  • Insulated Coffee Cups with Lids: Ideally, you’ll want reusable ones, which you can find for a couple of bucks at Dollar General, so you can easily take your coffee with you on the go.
  • (Optional) K-Cup Under Keurig Storage Drawer: If you prefer K-Cups you can easily keep them neatly stored away under your Keurig. This is a great addition for those who plan to utilize a mug rack for storing their coffee mugs.
  • (Optional) Square Napkins: Recommended for those who plan to enjoy their coffee on the go. 
  • (Optional) Electric Coffee Grounder: If you want coffee that tastes fresher invest in an electric coffee grounder to make it super quick and easy to prepare coffee beans.
  • (Optional) Reusable K-Cups: A must-have for Keurig users that want to save money by not having to constantly purchase K-cups. Simply, make the initial investment for reusable K-cups and save money by purchasing either ground coffee or coffee beans.
  • (Optional) K-cup coffee filters: Makes cleaning reusable K-cups quicker and easier. 

Step 3: Pick a Theme (Optional)

Your coffee bar should reflect your personal style and taste. Consider picking a theme for your coffee bar, such as rustic, modern, or farmhouse. This can help guide your decor choices and create a cohesive look. You can add coffee signs, a wall shelf, or anything else to give your simple coffee station a personal touch.

Step 4: Set Up Your DIY Coffee Station

Once you’ve gotten all of your coffee-making essentials it’s time to set up your home coffee station.

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas: How to Create a DIY Coffee Station

You want to make sure you have sugar, coffee, stirrers, and your other favorite coffee supplies in the area to make making a cup of coffee as easy as possible in the morning so you can take your morning cup of coffee on the road with you. 


In conclusion, creating a DIY coffee bar is a fun and practical project that can add both function and style to your home. With these ideas, you can create a coffee bar that reflects your personal taste and makes your morning routine a little easier.

This initial investment will help eliminate those morning stops at the local coffee shop and spending, and in return, help you reach your savings goal faster and even add a few more minutes to your day. 

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