Hey There!

I’m Victoria, a first-time home buyer & owner since 2021. 

I started this site to share my DIY home improvements journey to help others tackle home improvements after buying their homes without having to put themselves into debt or settle for waiting months (if not years) to tackle customizing their homes to make them their own. 

Most projects I do are for no more than $1000 – I aim for under that. But, all projects cost 50% – 75% less than they would cost if you hired a professional yet still give off a professional look and feel. 

From updating your deck on a budget to doing a guest bathroom makeover for less than $1000 – I’ve got your back. 

Did I mention that the first time I ever painted anything was in 2021? So, even if you don’t think you’re a DIY / crafty person I promise that the tips and hacks I share will help you become that person. 

Usually, I purchase my home improvement supplies from Home Depot & Amazon so it should be pretty easy to get the same items I use if you want (or you can go for something similar). 

In addition to sharing my home improvement projects, I’ll also share home maintenance tips, home hacks, and even decor inspiration. 
If you ever have any questions you can reach me at admin@diyhomeonabudget.com.